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The extinguishing of the „Mother of all wildfires”

Category: International Firefighting Team of the Year

Fire department: Dobrovoljno vatrogasno društvo Žrnovnica (Split, Croatia)

Operation: Wildfire

Intervention time frame: From 17 July to 25 July 2018

At 00:43  received a call from the Split Fire Center, where a citizen reported a fire in Srinjine-Mužinići. A 3-men crew left the fire station at 00:48. The crew arrived on the accident location and informed the fire center about the scale of the wildfire, wind-force and the need of reinforcement. They then requested the shutting down of three electrical power-line on flames.

During the night, the wildfire advanced in direction west to Srinjine. Few houses were in danger, but the firefighters successfully succeeded to protect them all. In the early morning, around 6:00 a.m., the firefighters were able to control the wildfire on east and south. 

Fire planes were on the way to help with the uncontrolled part of wildfire. However, just before their arrival, a strong wind started to blow and the planes were redirected to another wildfire in Dalmatia region. From that moment on, the wildfire started to move forward in direction of the city of Žrnovnica and Split. In the following two days, firefighters battled for every human life and property. 

With the help of fire planes, the wildfire was localized on July, 19 and finally extinguished on July, 25. 683 firefighters, 162 firefighting vehicles, 150 trained soldiers,  6 firefighting planes, 10 members of logistical taskforce with 5 vehicles from VFD Žrnovnica took part in extinguishing of the  „Mother of all wildfires“.