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100 km walk for donations for a worthy cause – in full work gear

Category: Special Price for Social Engagement

Fire department: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Waltershausen (Germany)

Operation: Charity walk

The goal of the 9-person FD athletic team from Waltershausen is to increase its members physical capabilities – and as motivation, combine this with a social purpose. This is why the FD athletic team participates in sponsored runs or as on March 31, 2018, a 100-km firefighter walk for donations.

Answering a Facebook appeal, 100 firefighters from all over Germany registered to walk 100 km together within 24 hours – in full work gear. The donations went to Paulinchen e.V. – an initiative for children with severe burn injuries. Nearly €14,500 were donated. On April 20, 2019, some 200 international participants will take part. The purpose is currently being voted for on the FD’s own Facebook page.

In 2017/2018, an additional €2,000 were collected and donated to Waltershausen preschools for a tool shed as well as a nest swing. To advertise for its own work, the FD athletic team runs half-marathons, 5-km and 10-km races – always in full working dress. And always at their own cost and according to the motto: Can you train hard enough for a job that can cost your own life?

This summer, complaints about discarded trash in Waltershausen were found daily on Facebook. No one, however, wanted to deal with the situation. The Waltershausen FD athletic team thus decided to hold a Run & Clear race with the motto “WORK – DON'T WHINGE”: race training combined with picking up trash. Some 15 people – unfortunately, not including the complainant – took up the invitation. Within 2 hours, around 80 kg of trash were collected. One participant even came from Hamburg, farther away than anyone else.

Another event is planned in Erfurt in 2019; the Waltershausen FD athletic team wants to pull a passenger plane / airport fire-fighting vehicle to gain donations for children suffering from cancer.